Design First Philosophy

Design First Philosophy

At Washington Outdoor Lighting we have a "Design First" philosophy. We will never try to sell you on a light fixture. Outdoor Lighting is all about creating feelings and evoking emotions. We use LED landscape lighting fixtures in order to create these feelings.

All we do is LED lighting! Having this focus on LED's gives us a unique perspective on the design process and we are able to create final products that most wouldn't believe possible. From creating custom LED Lighting Designs to installation, we ensure your lighting expectations are exceeded.

The LED Advantage & Our Lifetime Guarantee

We have installed over 13,000 LED Lights over the years and have designed and installed more outdoor lighting systems using LED's than any other company in the Northwest. Washington Outdoor lighting has the knowledge and experience you can count on.

Our services include repair, maintenance and of course installation of LED landscape lighting systems. We proudly maintain all types of system and provide our customers with service plans to maximize their investment. If you're interested in upgrading, we can also provide you with an LED upgrade.

Lifetime Guarantee and the LED Advantage
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LED Landscape Lighting

At Washington Outdoor Lighting we provide state of the art LED landscape lighting installation and design services throughout the entire state of Washington. Our expert landscape lighting designers are experienced in creating layouts for properties of all terrain types and are comfortable working in and around forested areas, water features, decks, patios and other landscape elements. Our installation team works quickly and takes special care not to disturb your homes exterior, leaving it as pristine as it was when we arrived. When you're ready, take the next step and contact us for a quote.

Quality You Can Trust

At Washington Outdoor Lighting we take pride in the quality of work we do and are dedicated to maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. The work we do is precise, elegant and timeless. We create comfortable and inviting outdoor spaces for luxury homes.

Our commitment to quality is seen in every project we work on. We don't claim to have the lowest prices, but we do claim to create the best outdoor lighting systems in the state of Washington.

Quality You Can Trust
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Maintenance & Upgrades

Although the lighting fixtures we install are primarily LED's were are also experts in halogen and incandescent lighting. Almost all new outdoor lighting systems in Washington are LED but we are capable of maintaining, repairing and servicing existing lighting systems including halogen and incandescent setups.

We also offer industry leading service plans to protect your investment and give you the most longevity and enjoyment out of your current landscape lighting systems.


"I had Washington outdoor lighting to my place to install lights and when I saw the difference it made to my home and landscaping I was blown away. I decided to have them do my whole property and I'm impressed every night."

- Matt S.y

"Three years ago, I had 26 lights (two zones) installed. Installation was tricky because most of the lights were installed along a driveway with mature Cherry trees and tangles of thick roots. Everything came out perfectly."

- Ron S.

"Kyle was super fast and very professional. He listened to my dual motivation for lighting and security improvement and understood exactly what I was in need of. Kyle met with me, explained the options and went above and beyond."

- Jim Walker